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Jim from GA wrote:
I got it and am loving it. The harmonica locks into it beautifully with no movement at all. The metal tabs on the bracket were a great idea to keep it from sliding forward into the mic. Mine has the rubber on the magnet and I'm not getting any side to side slipping at all.
I tried it with every type of harmonica I have - Suzuki Harpmaster, Special 20, Marine Band, Bushman, Big River, Lee Oskar and Sydel 1897. They All locked in solidly.

HarpLock on stage.


Richard from NJ wrote:
I must say, for a guitarist who sometimes played harp on a rack, it is light-years ahead of a rack. I can't believe someone hadn't built one long ago. I got the magnetic version (for an Shure SM58, but it works perfectly on my Beta 58). I wish I had one of these 20 years ago. Best $30 bucks (including shipping) I've spent in quite a while. I have no relationship with the company who makes them, but I want to spread the word! I am a believer.
Hi Gary,
Thanks for the email and the Harplock! I bought it as a Christmas gift for our bass player/singer. He also is an amazing acoustic solo kind of guy. Well we’ve wanted to play “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin but had no way of playing the harmonica part. Well the Harplock solved that. It is an ingenious device. Well I couldn’t wait for the holiday and gave it to him early and he loves it. It works ‘perfectly’ he says. What a perfect gift for guitar/harp players.
Key points that I like are:
Nice machining (a quality job)
Nice Finish
Pro laser marked logo
Low profile looks pro
Super strong magnet (no too strong that you can’t remove the harp for quick key changes)
It just works.
Feel free to post this as a review if you wish. Again great product, a great design that works!!!
Thanks again,
Philip from England wrote:
Hi just recieved the Harplock it is Brilliant every harp player should have one.
I play drums and harmonica and your item is perfect for this.I will reccommend it to everyone.
Best wishes from Philip Hanzlik Higham Ferrers Northamptonshire England...
Dave from New Zealand wrote:
Gidday Gary , I've been meaning to email you for the past week or so regarding the HarpLock you sent me courtesy of my sister Chris and her credit card. Yes , I'm just another broke harmonica player Gary. Anyway mate , I f @#$%& g love it. It is brilliant in its simplicity. I love everything about the HarpLock Gary , and it amazes me that no one thought of it years ago. I've been playing harp 28 years , and since putting it together with guitar these last 15 or so , I have of course played with different racks , and none of them have been entirely up to it. You're always chasing the harmonica ay And I have been very pleased that it takes my Hohner XB40's , and even single keyed tremolos ( is too small for Echo Tremolos ).
Thanx Gary.
Stay in touch man.

Eddie in CA wrote:
Gary, I'm telling you, your concept is so simple It’s GENIUS! It's one of those "why didn't anyone think of this before?" when I first saw your video. And then when the magnetic one came out it was the same thing... "Why didn't he think of this before?" And the holder itself is SOLID. No chance of bending it I'm sure.
Juice from TN wrote:
Gary I love this harplock. Haven't played the harp this much in years...cant stop and thats a wonderful feeling...thank you so much and I've already been boasting to all my harp playing friends.
John from Hilton Head ,SC wrote:
Just got one to use not on blues but some country, bluegrass, Buffet 
type stuff that we do that I also play mandolin on. I would never use 
a rack because they felt uncomfortable so I wouldn't play harp on 
these songs. With the Harplock, I feel that I can do both. Every harp 
player should have one in his bag of tricks.  Wish that I had invented 
it. Thanks!

harmonica in HarpLock front view.


HarpLock is almost invisible from the audience perspective and leaves the mic grill unobstructed for comfortable vocals.


Richard from OH wrote:
Hi Gary,
Thanks for the Harplock.  I used it at a gig for the first time on
Wednesday.  It worked great.  It is much faster & easier to change
harps.  Sometimes using a rack I wouldn't bother to use a harmonica on
a song that only had a litlle part, but with the harplock it is so
easy that I use the harmonica on 90% of my songs.  I also used to have
a problem with volume using a rack.  With the harplock I set the
volume up to the harmonca & it keeps me far enough away from the mic
that the vocals are just right also. I run a couple of open mics each
week & I am going to recommend this to all players who use a rack.
Great product,
Richard Boston
Jason from Australia wrote:
Recieved the Harp lock the other week, its awesome man....! Yeah! Thanks mate, now Im well on my way to freedom with harp vox and gtr. :D
Chris from WA wrote:
I received my Harplock Friday. After locking down the neck of my mic stand, I had a pretty darn good experience using the Harplock. It is definitely superior to any over-the-head harp holder I have tried and I have been through about four.
I wish you great success with this product.
Steve from Whitehourse, Ukon wrote:
Good morning Gary,
Hope all is well in your part of the world. I've been using the harplock for a few gigs now. Just wanted to let you know that I DO like it and am enjoying using it. It is changing my "rack" technique. and that will take a bit longer to sort out, but I think I'm on the right track here. A vast improvement over the rack.
Anyway, Thanks for a great product.
Hi Gary,
I’d like to give you some positive feedback.
Your invention is bloody fantastic, so much easier to harp solo whilst playing a guitar. I never felt totally comfortable playing harp with a conventional rack whilst accompanying with guitar. Your invention has solved this, and improved my harp solos as a result.
Andy Layfield,
Blues Musician
Melbourne Australia
Gary-----will spread the word, if you play harp, you need this!  Works great, excellent balance between voice and harp, no more fussing with "coat hanger" type wire holders.  Thanks-------Jack.
Hi Gary,
thank you for the fast shipping to germany.
I installed the HarpLock within seconds on my SM58 and ... holy shit, this thing works perfect for me.
Thank you so much
Greetings from germany
Hi Gary
i've just received the HarpLock, and it works as well! THE thing I was looking for !!
well done!!!
Hey mate, Harplock just showed up on my doorstep. Gave it a quick test (I'll give it a good run later on today when I've got time) and I love it! I looked for so long for some kind of harp holder that could clip on a stand or screw on to a second stand or something, harp racks drive me absolutely nuts. I always get my beard caught, or they drift, and I can't move my head freely and so on. This is perfect. Can't wait to use it on the tour I'm about to start!
Hi Gary
Just received the harplock in the mail. To me its the best thing since sliced bread. I no longer have to wear that damned harp holder contraption. Its great for practicing and playing live. I can keep if fixed on my mike at all times which I really like. I just need to buy the tripod type mike stand as I have the goose neck mike with the disc base.
Gary: just a quick note that I am really satisfied with the HarpLock. I think you did a terrific job designing it. I like it a lot better than using the rack. If you have not already, you may want to consider advertising it in Acoustic Guitar magazine. The HarpLock is really a terrific product. Best regards, Jay Golder
The HarpLock is AMAZING. I used it for some rehearsals this weekend and will start using for gigs in the next couple of weeks. This thing is gonna change my life. I've already showed it to some other harp players and talked about it on Facebook -- don't be surprised if you get a few more Canadian orders soon!
Best of luck with it man, I'll keep using it and spreading the word.
- J
Hi Gary,
Thanks for the fast response. The HarpLock is awesome! Just what I was looking for. I’m a solo blues rock performer and I definitely don’t like having one of those “racks” around my neck. However, I like to add some bluesy harp fills here and there while still playing guitar. This is perfect. I have some gigs coming up this week and I’ll be using it live for the first time. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for inventing the HarpLock for all of us players out there who need it. I’ll definitely be promoting it. Your web page is very nice. I don’t have mine up to speed yet, but I’m working on it. As soon as I get some pics / videos of me using the HarpLock, I’ll post them on my site and pass them along.
Thanks, Doug Fuller
I played for about an hour and half yesterday with HarpLock. I can now comfortably play harp again on a lot of the stuff that I cover. Using a rack with the movement, slippage, etc. was simply a pain and it basically made incorporating the harmonica a pain. I can play much better than I could have ever dreamed of doing with a rack and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to enhance racks with washers and wing nuts, not to mention that most scratch my harps. I even put my “beater” harps away yesterday and broke out the good ones. The HarpLock is long overdue and with this product I see the rack going by the wayside for many musicians that incorporate harmonica into their gigs.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful product!

Mikel Lee
I received my Harplock, and it's absolutely the best thing ever for a harp. The neck racks messed me up with my guitar because I had to constantly chase the harp, especially when standing up. My harp is right where I need it now, and my mic is clear for vocals as well. I used it for an extended jam session last night with a few friends (may result in another order for you), an it worked great. The bass player does some home recording, and he noted that the Harplock puts my harps in a perfect position to blend with the rest of the mix perfectly. I can't believe that the large chain music stores haven't picked you up. This is a great product.
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Please note: A few types of harmonicas (stainless steel, aluminum, plastic etc.) won't work in HarpLock. Please test your harp with a magnet before you buy. HarpLock is designed for the Shure SM58 and Shure Beta 58A but also fits similar microphones with a maximium grill thread diameter is 1.290. (Almost 1 5/16") Questions? Call Gary 317-782-9948.
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