Frequently asked questions.

Shipping Questions

Q. Do you ship HarpLock internationally?

A. Yes. I've shipped HarpLocks to countries I can't pronounce and didn't know existed.

Q. Can I track my shipment?

A. No. I ship HarpLocks by USPS First Class Mail. There is no tracking available but they haven't lost one yet.

Q. What is the typical shipping time.

A. Most orders are shipped the same day I get them. It usually takes 3 to 5 days for U.S. deliveries and 7 to 10 days for international orders.

Q. What are your shipping rates?

A. Current Shipping Rates:
US $2.04
Internationl $11.48

Payment Questions

Q. Do I need a PayPal account to purchase HarpLock?

A. No. You can use your credit or debit card without a PayPal account.

Q. Will you accept a money order?

A. I prefer you use credit, debit or PayPal, but I will accept money orders for U.S. shipments. (So far nobody's tried to cheat me. I guess harp players are honest people.) To purchase a HarpLock in the U.S. with a money order, state the total number of HarpLocks you want at $32.00 each (Includes shipping costs) and send payment to:
3415 West County Road 1125 North
Seymour, IN 47274
Please be sure to include your name, phone number and return shipping address.

I do not accept money orders on international shipments.

Technical Questions

Q. Will the magnetism affect the transducer inside the microphone?

A. During development I did extensive research and couldn't find any negative correlation between magnetic fields and mic transducers. I did find magnetic mic holders and I learned that some people view magnets as healthy. I'm not a scientist, but I have three SM 58 mics that have had HarpLocks mounted continuously since August 2011. I use the mics regularly and I can't find a darn thing wrong with the mics or the HarpLocks. As far as I can tell, this thing just works.

Q. I don't use a Shure SM 58 or Beta 58. Will HarpLock fit my mic?

A. HarpLock was designed specifically for my microphone, which just happens to be a Shure SM 58. It might work on your mic but for best results, it should look like a Shure SM 58. In other words it should have approximately the same size grill, and the grill thread diameter can be no wider than 1.290 (almost 1 5/16").

Q. Will HarpLock give me a better harmonica tone.

A. No. HarpLock is not designed to impact harmonica tone in any way. The sole function of the device is to eliminate using a neck-worn rack. Your harmonica will sound almost identical to the sound of a racked harp. (Minus those banging sounds you used to hear when your rack hit the microphone.)

Q. My mic stand moves when I use HarpLock. What's wrong?

A. HarpLock performance is directly related to mic stand stability. You really have to use a sturdy stand. I use and recommend the DR Pro tripod. Lightweight tripod's and stands with a circular steel base won't get the job done. You should also avoid using a flexible gooseneck or a flexible rubber mic clip. If you can't get your hands on a stable mic stand, try adding some weight to the base.

Stuff you ought to know.

HarpLock is not for everybody. It was designed for singing musicians that also accompany themselves on harmonica. First-class harp players accustomed to the tone and control of handheld harmonica may not find HarpLock suitable. However for those of us that have been singing and playing harmonica with a rack, HarpLock is unquestionably the best harmonica holder in the world.

   $29.95 Plus Shipping.

Current Shipping Rates
US $2.04
Internationl $11.48
Please note: A few types of harmonicas (stainless steel, aluminum, plastic etc.) won't work in HarpLock. Pease test your harp with a magnet before you buy. HarpLock is designed for the Shure SM58 and Shure Beta 58A but also fits similar microphones with a maximium grill thread diameter is 1.290. (Almost 1 5/16") Questions? Call Gary 317-782-9948.
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